Clapton-in-Gordano new flower troughs
We need your help- 23rd June 2024 at 10:00am

We have purchased 4 new flower troughs with the thanks to generous donations but we need your help to replace the old ones and get the new ones planted up.
Please see the plan for the day:
• Meet by the Black Horse at 10:00am, high visibility jackets will be handed out.
• The new troughs one at a time will be taken to an existing location, at which point the soil will be transferred from the old trough to the new ones.
• Additional soil will be added
• Any bulbs/flowers which can be moved from existing trough will be transferred over
• Old flower trough to be removed from the site.
If you can help please either turn up at 23rd June at 10:00 or contact the Clerk or one of our Parish Councillors.


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Download: flower troughs (126 KB)