North Somerset Council has now launched a seven-week consultation on proposals to switch to three-weekly collections of non-recyclable (black bin) rubbish, in a bid to reduce waste, boost recycling rates and cut costs.

A press release has been shared with local media, which you can see on the council website at:

The link to the online waste consultation questionnaire for residents to complete is

For anyone without online access, paper copies of the questionnaire are available in libraries.

This year the council will need to spend about £5 million disposing of black bin rubbish. However, a waste analysis found that almost half (45%) of the content of black bins from North Somerset households could have been recycled instead, which would have generated an income to help pay for vital local services.

Treating and disposing of black bin rubbish costs about £130 per tonne, whereas the council’s weekly separated kerbside recycling collections result in a high quality of recycling material which can be sold to generate an income of about £30 per tonne.

The proposed changes would also be in line with their Recycling and Waste Strategy, which aims to reduce non-recycled rubbish and reach a recycling rate of 70% by 2030.


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